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Obituary for Maximina Carmona Umayam

Maximina Carmona Umayam
July 13, 1939 – August 7, 2020

She was preceded in death by her husband, Ted Umayam. She is survived by her children Gloria, Sara, Rogelio, Alonso, Angelica, Osvaldo, Virgilio, Lilia, Omar, and Perla. She was blessed with 26 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren. She was loved by her family and friends for her kindness and attention to each one of us; always pleasing and delighting our lives with her skills in the kitchen and a loving smile that made her family and guests feel at home.
There are people who remain engraved forever in our lives, who leave a deep mark on our hearts with moments and memories so unforgettable that they leave us many smiles and thousands of hugs that we will keep forever in our minds and hearts.
Thank you, my mother, for being one of those people.
Thanks for so much love
Forever in our hearts, Maximina.

Maximina Carmona Umayam
Julio 13, 1939 – Agosto 7, 2020

Esposa de Ted Umayam, Madre de Gloria, Sara, Rogelio, Alonso, Angelica, Osvaldo, Virgilio, Lilia, Omar, y Perla. Abuela de 26 nietos y 27 bisnietos, quien fue querida y amada por su familia y seres queridos por su bondad y atención hacia cada uno de nosotros; siempre complasciendo y deleitando nuestras vidas con su toque de cocina y una sonrisa que hacía que su compañía alegrara nuestros corazones.
Hay personas que se quedan grabadas para siempre en nuestras vidas, quienes nos dejan una profunda huella en nuestros corazones por momentos y recuerdos tan inolvidables que nos dejan muchas sonrisas y miles de abrazos que guardaremos por siempre en nuestra mente y corazón.
Gracias madre mía por ser una de esas personas.
Gracias por tanto amor.
Por siempre en nuestros corazones MAXIMINA.